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The Importance of Using Genuine Generator Parts
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The importance of using Genuine parts in the maintenance and repair of your generator cannot be overstated.  Please see below to find out why you should be using genuine parts.
Just as your generator engine is designed to perform a specific function, the engine oil filter, air filter and the specified type and weight of oil serve the critical function of helping keep the engine in good operating condition.  For example the oil filter is designed to filter the circulating oil at a specified pressure and volume.  The air filter is designed to filter air mixing with the fuel at a certain flow rate.  Replacing the oil and air filter at the recommended frequency with the correct genuine part is critical to maintaining the life and good operating condition of your generator engine.  
Likewise, the specified type and weight of oil is important to maintaining the proper lubrication and cooling of your engine. 
All of the parts we sell are Genuine Parts recommended by the manufacturer.

Recommended Frequency of Change
Oil Filter
Every 50 hours or annually
Air Filter
Every 100 hours or annually
Synthetic Oil
Every 50 hours or annually
Spark Plugs
Every 100 hours or annually

Our Tune Up Kit contains all of the Genuine Parts to help you get your Generac Generator ready for the next power outage. is a division of GenSpring Power Inc.
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