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All generators consume some oil during operation.  Our experience with Generac generators indicates that you can expect the generator to consume between 1/2 and 3/4 of a quart of oil when operating over a continuous 24 hour period.  Therefore you should plan to check the oil every 12 hours, and be prepared to add a quality synthetic oil when experiencing an extended power outage. 
When checking the oil level always turn the breaker on the generator off first and then the generator off, let the oil in the engine settle and then confirm the existing oil level, add a little oil at a time until the right amount is present on the oil dip stick, then return the generator switch to the auto position.  When the engine is running steady, turn the breaker on the generator back to the on position.
Never fill the oil level above the full level as indicated on the oil dip stick.  To much oil reduces the effectiveness of the engine lubrication system and can clog the air filter causing the generator to shut down.

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